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BoMToons's News

Posted by BoMToons - July 24th, 2014

Good big news!

The Super Chibi Knight keychains arrived! Hooray! Now I can send out the last few Kickstarter rewards packages. What a relief! Here are some pics:







Important Question? If you follow me on Newgrounds should you get some kind of reward? Like special access to stuff that I haven't posted anywhere else yet?



Posted by BoMToons - July 16th, 2014

Last week I promised I'd show you and only YOU what flipping the switch in the teaser image from last week does.

Check out this top secret video!:

In other news, the keychains are SO CLOSE to being done. Once they are, I can finally button up the physical rewards stuff from the Super Chibi Knight Kickstarter. That will be a relief. Here are a couple pics (we're deciding on what kind of finish to give the keychains, they have the Kickstarter logo on one side and an image from the game on the other):




My friend's company, http://www.kittadyne.com, does fantastic work. If you're looking for stuff to be manufactured, I'd suggest sending him a message through his website. He can do near any kind of physical object be it metal or other material (CNC, Billet, Machining, Lathe, Blown Injection Molding, Anodizing, etc.)

Question of the week: What are you hoping to see in Super Chibi Knight? What are you excited about doing in Super Chibi Knight that you've seen already?

Posted by BoMToons - July 9th, 2014

I'm getting my mojo back for Super Chibi Knight... less than 2 months left to finish it! Can I do it? Will I do it?

Follow me here to stay abreast of new developments!

Here is a top secret video from SCK, I like how HOT the lava looks:

And here is an ULTRA TOP SECRET screenshot:


Would you flip the switch despite the warnings? I'll post a video of what it does NEXT WEEK, so FOLLOW ME to make sure you don't miss it!

Speaking of breasts, I am anti-circumcision. It's a religious/cultural relic that is equivalent to genital mutilation. Not necessary at all and the hygiene/health arguments are bogus (we don't give girls double masectomies when they're born just cuz it lowers their statistical chances of cancer!)

On a recent trip with my friend, we spoke long and hard about this touchy topic. Eventually he came around to my point of view because he then went on to evangelize his sister who is having a baby soon. He was able to convince her not to circumcise her son, and she's even a registered nurse!

In honor of this, he has named himself the "Schlong Savior." When he told me about it, we came up with a few more honorific titles for what he's done:

Anaconda Advocate

Ball-buddy Bodyguard

Cock Conservator

Dick Deliverer

Dong Defender

Flesh Flute Fighter

Foreskin Friend

Hero of the Hung

Manhood Messiah

Mohel Moderator

Nad-Neighbor Negotiatior

Pecker Preserver

Penis Protector

Phallus Freedom Fighter

Rod Redeemer

Scalpel Squelcher

Wang Warrior

Wiener White Knight

Can you think of any other good ones to add to our list? Try to fill-in the missing alphabet letters!


Posted by BoMToons - June 26th, 2014

Just got some pics from my buddy at Kittadyne who is CNC machine milling the aluminum keychains for Super Chibi Knight Kickstarter backers. They look VERY nice, check out these photos (the lines will disappear once the pieces are polished):



For game news: I'm still hammering away day after day, hoping it'll all be worth it. I bought some Steam games for the summer sale that I've been curious about and was encouraged that SCK will hold up well in comparison. Fingers crossed!

Italy was eliminated from the world cup and, coincidentally, a fan in Italy posted this picture of the packaging his t-shirt came in on the same day. I thought it was very appropriate. Translation: "Always forward friends, and on to VICTORY!"


Do you wish you had pledged more on the Kickstarter now? :-D

Visit www.Kittadyne.com if you have a project you need cut out of aluminum! He's my BFF and does great work.

Posted by BoMToons - June 19th, 2014

Watching this video brought many pits to my stomach. Most of his mistakes coincide with problems in Super Chibi Knight. I'm guessing lots of game designers can relate to what he's talking about when they've tried making an "EPIC" game. At least I'm "failing fast" instead of wasting 13 years on SCK (unlike Abobo's Big Adventure :-P)

But SCK will be good... don't worry! It will be worth your money!!! :-D

I downloaded his game and it was fairly bad, but had some flashes of brilliance. There's a puzzle where you use a paintbrush to paint the walls in a dark room with glowing moss so you can see the platforms well enough to get to the exit. Dedicating time to code and perfect a gameplay mechanic like that, that will likely only be used once, is what makes indie games special.

Here's a screenshot of exactly what I'm working on at 1:05 PM Pacific Time on Thursday 6/19/2014 (the time of this post).


Can you relate to that video?

Posted by BoMToons - June 12th, 2014

I feel a bit of writer's block going on right now with Super Chibi knight. SO MUCH LEFT TO DO!

To try to deal with it, I switched strategies and am just busting stuff out with placeholder art to eventually go back and re-do with final art later. It seems to be going ok, but I'm still feeling slightly overwhelmed.

What do you guys do to work through that "blocked" feeling?

Here's a quick video of something that's probably over-done in video-games but I always enjoy these kinds of levels. I did some pseudo inverse-kinematics on the wheels to make it feel more realistic:

Reminder to answer this question: What do you guys do to work through that "blocked" feeling?

Posted by BoMToons - May 30th, 2014

If you've been following me you know that I've been implementing the new AS3 GameInput API in Super Chibi Knight. I promised I'd make an intro tutorial about getting started with the API, and I finally did, here!


You can download a source .fla from that page if you need a FULL example.

Here's the latest Super Chibi Knight Draw Time episode (Psychadelic Rave at 1:50):

If you pledged to the SCK Kickstarter at $85 or lower, you should have received your physical rewards by now, higher pledgers will be getting theirs soonish due to a delay in getting the keychains manufactured.

Here are some pics people have posted when they've received their stuff:





I'm gonna plug my friends' Language Learning interactive game/book here again. Please check it out and spread the word if you know anyone who's trying to learn another language. Oh, and leave them a review with your thoughts on their game. THANKS!


Leave me a comment if you have any Qs about game pads and Flash or the GameInput API, I tried to make it as simple and clear as possible with a good example, but it can still be tough to wrap your head around since it works quite differently from keyboard inputs.


Posted by BoMToons - May 23rd, 2014

My good friends who helped make Nephi's Adventure 1 and Nephi's Adventure 2 have started a new business to teach people to speak other languages! It's called Lexikeet Learning!

They recently released an interactive story book here on NG to help get the word out about what they're doing. Play it here:


Plz leave them some feedback on what you think of their efforts!

If you want some more info, check out their quick pitch video:


In other news, I got game controller input working in Super Chibi Knight using the new as3 GameInput class. I'm considering writing up a quick tutorial on it because it was tough to find simple straightforward implementation examples. Here's an SCK pic to get your mouth watering :-D


What controller do you use to play Steam/PC Games? Tell me in the comments!

Posted by BoMToons - May 12th, 2014

I spent the last few days getting stuff sorted, packed, and addressed for the Super Chibi Knight Kickstarter physical rewards. Did you know shipping for posters is really expensive??!! Especially internationally!

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, I'll be offering the leftover t-shirts on my website pretty soon.

Here are some pics of the process!




And finally, here's a speed paint video of me working on the new "Phoenix Temple" level:

Are you excited for Super Chibi Knight yet?


Posted by BoMToons - April 29th, 2014

I went to visit my in-laws for Easter and made this video one evening with my bro. in law. He wrote and recorded the song, and stars in the video! Silly!

In Super Chibi Knight news, I did a live stream recently. I listen to music, draw bricks and a bird statue, animate some fire, and test a level a bit. Here it is in case you missed it:

I also finally got all the ducks in a row for the t-shirt orders from the Kickstarter campaign, they're being printed now! They should be ready to mail out in about 2 weeks!


I'll have some extra shirts from the print run, would you all be interested in buying a few if I put them up for sale on my website?