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Settlers of Catan Question

2017-03-24 18:29:37 by BoMToons

I'm on Spring Break from school (last week and the coming week) and am helping my friend start a little side-business...

He did a Kickstarter (<-- don't click that link until you've answered the questions below) a while back to sell Aluminum Settlers of Catan pieces that were anodized to your choice of color. They turned out awesome!


They are quite hefty and substantial in your hand and look great in-game.

Anyway, I need YOUR input:

How much would you pay for a base set of these (4 cities, 5 settlements, 15 roads, and a robber) made of aluminum and anodized?

How much would you pay for a "Seafarers" expansion set (4 cities, 5 settlements, 15 roads, a robber, 15 boats, and a pirate) also made of aluminum and anodized?

Just give me your honest opinion on price point!



If you're not sure what "anodizing" is, watch this sweet video:



For Pi Day (March 14), I taught a bunch of high-school kids about using Trigonometry for video games! I think there were some lights going on! (We also ate Costco pies). Watch these videos to learn for yerself!

I'm still amazed at how these kids can crank out the answers to equations, but don't know anything about practical applications of Trig...



When did Trig "gel" in your brain?


The secret of my drawing style

2017-02-25 19:30:59 by BoMToons

Not much new to report except that I'm still teaching - I got my official teaching license approved this week so I'm now LEGIT!

As part of my continuing efforts to record ALL THE KNOWLEDGE in my brain and share it with the world, I made a video about the totally unintuitive yet surprisingly genius Adobe Flash/Adobe Animate drawing tools and how I use them in my personal art approach:


I'd recommend watching it in DOUBLE SPEED!



In other news I was thinking about the personality test I took a while back and I remember a bunch of Newgrounds people taking the same test and posting their results ( - so I went back through all my news posts looking for the conversation, but I couldn't find it :\

However, it was interesting to review my old posts and, as I've said before, I'm really grateful Newgrounds has its blog system to keep a record of my past thoughts and concerns pains and successes. Also, kudos to my "past self" for being so consistent in posting updates. Time really flies and sometimes it's easy to lose track of where we've been. Remembering the past in detail helps us take bearing on where we want to go next.

EDIT: I found the post!

The post is about starting my own game studio... I feel far from that now... but the end of the comments mentions my idea to start a school with GAMES as the curriculum for all the subjects... so I'm a little bit on that track now... maybe I AM working toward my long term goals and not just settling!


What Nao?

2017-02-13 22:28:36 by BoMToons

This will get buried due to valentine's day, yet here I go!

I've been making Game Development tutorials for my high school students using FLASH! Why would I use FLASH? Because it's still the fastest "0 ---> Game" software out there.

The latest series is about making a PLATFORMER style game!

Check out this video about wall jumping:

How different my life might have been if I'd had a class like this in my highschool...

I'd like to teach an "Advanced Game Dev" class next year where we look at other programs and do some mobile dev.

What do you think of this kind of video?

New video

2017-01-29 23:53:41 by BoMToons

Hi folks, as you know, I teach graphic design and game development at a local high-school. What you might NOT know is that the school asked me to be the "Public Relations Coordinator" also - So I get to help make my school look good with media-related stuff like social media posts, videos, website (currently under construction), etc.

It's been fun so far because it helps scratch my creative itch and has given me opportunities to learn and grow in some new areas. By no means am I very good at this yet, but here's a mini-documentary video I recorded and edited together this weekend for the middle-school branch of our charter school:


I can always count on Newgrounders to give me constructive feedback, so what do you think?


Much <3!


Powerful Pixel Day

2017-01-22 01:21:47 by BoMToons

@Luis and I made a mini game for Pixel Day! Play S.M.O.L. here:

We wanted to make it a lot bigger and better, but the deadline krept up... I'm still proud of it and would like to expand on the concept some day!


Happy Pixel Day and thanks to @tomfulp and Newgrounds for organizing opportunities like this!


2017-01-03 15:20:10 by BoMToons

New Year, new goals, long vacation, Steam sale, mobile port, pixel day, back to the grind, etc. What do you think?








Merry Merry!

2016-12-19 15:26:44 by BoMToons

The Angry Video Game Nerd's channel just posted the final installment in their playthrough of Abobo's Big Adventure. I was sincerely laughing out loud along with them when they got to the ending. It gives me a deep feeling of gratification to see the game connecting with people who "get" it. The expressions on their faces at the end say it all. Thanks @mockery, @poxpower, and @TomFulp for helping make this game a reality:


At 24:45 I'm going to tell myself that we touched the AVGN's heart so deeply he actually cried...


Graduation and AVGN!

2016-12-12 12:57:27 by BoMToons

Hey, I finally graduated! Only 18 years after my high school graduation... :-/


In other good news, the Angry Video Game Nerd finally got around to playing Abobo's Big Adventure! It makes me smile constantly to see other people enjoying Abobo and getting (most of) the jokes:

I agree with some of the comments that he should have hired us to make his Steam game... ;-)

Need your help...

2016-11-28 21:07:06 by BoMToons

If you wouldn't mind terribly, please go nominate Super Chibi Knight for the "I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award" award on Steam!

Your help is sincerely appreciated. As a reward, here's a 3d sculpt a fan did of Super Chibi Knight!


  Rotate-able 3d model:  

Here are some more anims from that I put together last week, hoping to make good progress during the month of December on this project:




Thanks for visiting, and once again, please take a sec to nominate SCK for the "I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award" award on Steam!

Much <3 !