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Seeking Animator - PICO Day Miss

Posted by BoMToons - April 29th, 2015

First off, I'm looking for a talented animator to do the ending cinematic for Super Chibi Knight. This will be paid! Just send me some samples of your work and some info about yourself via NG PM, or leave me a message in the comments here. I have the script and storyboard ready so a lot of the THINKING has been done.

REPEAT: This will be PAID!

I missed Pico Day... as much as I'd like to say it probably wasn't that good and make myself feel better, it looks like it was AWESOME and I really missed out by staying home to work on Super Chibi Knight. :-(

RAGRET! It was 20 years! I suck!

Seems like I say this every week, but Super Chibi Knight is GETTING CLOSE! Gotta keep on chuggin'!!!! I finish my university semester next Tuesday, so time will free up quite a bit after that. 

I submitted it to IndieCade yesterday... I'm not sure it's really up their alley, but I thought it was worth a shot. Uploading screenshots to IndieCade reminded me just how BIG the game is and made me have some feelings of pride and think that MAYBE people will actually like this game. I'm WAY too close to it right now and way past the stage of appreciating it anywhere near what someone fresh to the game will feel. Videos like this one help renew some of the "wonder" I've lost:

I need to start running again...

More pics for your excitement:





Go ahead, leave me a comment, I QUINTUPLE-DOG DARE YOU!

Comments (12)

Awesome work!

Thanks Kenney!

Sorry you could't make it but SCK will be worth all the effort and you deserve BIG SUCCESS!!! Then you can come to all the Pico Days forever.

Ha ha, YES! It really looks like it was a blast.

I had my eye out for you all night. I hate to bum you out more, but everyone was saying it was the best Pico Day yet! It was definitely the best on I have been too so far. But that doesn't mean next year can't be even better.

Ouch... yeah... I should have been there... I doubt that the 20 year anniversary spirit will be caught again until 25... or 30 :-(

If your ending cinematic is green squares being tweened around the screen, I'm your guy.

I'll keep you in my rolodex.

Aye, it was a rip snortin good time of party! Hope you can make it next year, and I hope super chibi knight goes on without any complications!

*fingers crossed*

can hav free reply?


YOU get a reply and YOU get a reply and YOU get a reply!

(the power of Oprah)

Mind messaging me some details about the project? Might be interested.

I might have found someone, but if you're interested PM me a demo reel or some samples! :-)

Pico Day is on the wrong continent


I don't have that excuse unfortunately...

I almost wish I could animate it, just because I'm so excited to see this come to fruition. Chibi Knight was a whole lotta fun, and I can't wait to see it BIGGER and MORE CHIBI-LIKE.
Also I couldn't go to Pico day either. Because I wasn't invited. Because I'm an unknown.

Ha ha, thanks for the sentiment and the excitement! Make some stuff and you'll be on the way to being "known!"

Hope finding an animator goes smoothly, I linked this post to a few guys I know.

Awesome! Thank you! I think I've got someone, but it's not 100% yet.

As soon as SCK is finished I want you to call me up on my personal line and let me know and I will purchase it immediately.

I have a red telephone on my desk with a direct line to you. I will pick it up for the first time when the game is launched.


*sheds tear*