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Free Steam Keys!

Posted by BoMToons - April 3rd, 2015

This post won't be as long-winded as my last...

I'm celebrating Easter by giving away a Steam Key to Super Chibi Knight every day for a week to my Twitter followers!

Winners will be randomly selected from my Twitter list, so follow me there to enter!


In the past I've done similar give-aways to my NG followers and my Facebook followers, so now Twitter gets in on the action!

Here's a look at new stuff in SCK:



Comments (10)

Badass boss!

This boss turned out to be a lot of fun to fight too... he loses his legs, then his torso, so he's a flying head by the end of the fight... but he's also cool because of his back story... early on in the game you carve him out of raw rock for an NPC art collector who gives you his boat in exchange... then, when you come back from a long adventure on an island, the statue you carved before is ALIVE and out to get you!!!!

Nice! I like character development like that in action games, vs every enemy being from out of nowhere.

Yeah, there's plenty of totally random enemies and bosses in the game too though... but the overall ending... and this is a pretty huge spoiler that no one will ever read buried down here in the comments... the overall ending will really try to tie together and give meaning to all the choices you've made in the rest of the game up to that point... and it has a lot to do with continuing the development of the chars you've met along the way.... SUPER SPOILER SHHHH!

BTW, who comes up with boss concepts @ The Behemoth? I liked the randomness of the catfish (and other bosses) in CC, but the painter boss was really "out there" ... maybe too anachronistic in style imo.

I'm super impressed with how regularly you have been updating this project! A lot of major studios who Kickstart products can't seem to keep as dedicated of a schedule as you have managed. So kudos to you!

I have a question about development. Are the updates being added linearly? To word it another way, are the updates always tacked on the end, or does the content show up in the middle of the game?
I would love to start playing the game. But I wouldn't want to restart the game multiple times to make sure I am playing all the new content. If I could just pick it up again and start playing the new content each time it's updated then I would feel encouraged to start playing rather than waiting.

Thanks for recognizing the hard work that's going into this, I really am doing it with every free moment I have (within reason of course).

The updates are mostly linear. There will be some non-linear balancing and bonus stuff tacked onto some middle parts at the end, but for the most part, I'm building the game in the order you'll play it.

That said, I think there will really just be one more update and the game will be done (not counting menus, achievements, sounds, and music) So you're pretty safe jumping in now :-D

That's really exciting! I had no clue it was so close to done :D

Yeah, I'm having a weird new kind of writer's block because of how excited I am about being this close to the end... I've built it up in my mind and I really don't want to ruin it... and I just had a really whacky idea for a new fighting mechanic for the end boss that I'm still debating internally...

If I don't get one this time someone's going to be really mad.

Oh no! Good luck!

can hav key? thx
if I don't get it I'll just buy it someday lol

You make a compelling argument for giving you a free key...

I'm not famous enough to have twitter so I will not be participating in said contest.

Ha ha, I didn't realize famousness was a requirement for twitter... else I wouldn't have joined :-3

The CC bosses were a mix of ideas, most of them between Dan and I, although the painter boss and the corn boss were Josh's ideas (Josh on the Behemoth side, not PsychoGoldfish). The painter boss sort of spawned out of all the silly placeholder art I had in the game and the idea of a boss that can work some of that into the final product. Dan came up with the actual character design which was nuts and I did the teletype voices and the whole barfing up tons of fruit at the end, which is still one of my favorite things in the game.

Nice! I liked that there were a lot of Italian words mixed into the game too, like "Pipistrello" for the bat boss. I'm assuming Emil had something to do with those.

Emil is actually Iranian, John is the one who is fluent in Italian - he's Argentinian but studied in Italy for a while.

Aaahhhh... see what happens when you assume? :-P