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Ay oh fellows, so the launch of Super Chibi Knight on Steam Early Access went pretty well! You can check it out here:

There have been a few "Let's Play" videos coming out, which I encourage, this one by a british dude is my fav so far:


If you would like to enter a random drawing for a Super Chibi Knight Steam Key, just leave me a comment on this post!


In other news, here's some stuff I've been working on to pay some bills and build up the time I need to finish off SCK:




Here's the final version of the self-portrait I painted in my painting class on a canvas I built and stretched myself!


So... YES! Leave me a comment to enter a random drawing to win a Super Chibi Knight Steam Key! I'll announce the winner next Wednesday!

It's out! Go! Go! Go!

2014-12-03 17:06:06 by BoMToons

I'll keep this short:


Just $9.99!

If you've got the cash to spare, please support it! Many huge thanks in advance!

(If you buy the Early Access version, you'll get the final version for free when it's done!)


Here's a cool vid of the first few minutes:

Anyone here play it yet? Add me as a Steam friend: "Pastooo"

What's up my home skillets?

Since my last post, I figured out how to get the SCK Mac .app launching through the Steam Client with a bit of help from some friends, so that means that STEAM EARLY ACCESS is coming soon! "Soon" is this Monday the 1st of December! (That link won't work until Monday BTW)


It will be $9.99 on Steam. Anyone who backed the Kickstarter at the right level will be getting a free Steam Key. I'll also be giving away Steam Keys all day on December 1st (Monday) through my Facebook and Twitter.

This is a big step for Super Chibi Knight and I'm both excited and terrified about doing something stupid/wrong/too soon... I'll especially need your support when the game has its real launch, but this Monday's Early Access launch is a close 2nd, so anything you can do to help spread the word would be hugely appreciated.

In other news, I finished the B&W phase of my self portrait for my painting class, now I get to paint over the top with color:


Here are some sneak peeks at artwork for some top secret projects I'm working on to stay afloat while finishing Super Chibi Knight:





If you read this, leave me a comment, it helps keep my fire stoked to know there are people out there following my progress.


2014-11-19 11:55:32 by BoMToons

Here's the latest in picture form:

I got Super Chibi Knight working in the Steam Client. This was a big moment cuz I wasn't sure how it would all come together:


Here's a preview of SCK in the Steam Store:


I was also able to get the Mac .app version of SCK working on a real Mac (see below), but I'm still fiddling around with getting Steam to recognize and launch the Mac version correctly (if anyone out there has experience with this, please send me a message):


Once I get the Mac version launching through Steam I plan to open up the game for Steam Early Access. The price will be $9.99 USD, and hopefully well worth it!

In other news, I'm still taking some university classes part time to (slowly) finish off my degree. My painting class is especially fun. Here's my current oil painting project, it's a black and white value study right now, but eventually I'll paint over it in color. I also built the canvas I'm using!


Who will be buying SCK through Steam Early Access? What do you think of the price point? How's the painting looking so far?



New Painting

2014-11-05 17:55:38 by BoMToons

So I mentioned a while back that I learned how to build and stretch my own canvases.

Well I finished my 1st painting on canvas built by me and here it is! [Click to see it in the art portal]


I also updated the Super Chibi Knight alpha test. If you're interested in playing an early build, check out this facebook post:

I also started a tumblr since that's what all the cool kids are doing:

What have you been up to lately?

Edit 11/6/2014: Hooray my first front-paged piece of art in the art portal!


Beta Testers Needed!

2014-10-29 14:19:20 by BoMToons

I'm going to release an update to the Super Chibi Knight alpha test in a few days so hop on board the testing train using the form at the top of the page here:

In the meantime, check out this video of a mountain goat mini-boss-ish dude (I draw him, then you get to see me fight him in the game at the end of the video):

What would you name this guy? Maybe something australian since he has a boomerang? Maybe something Satanic since he's a goat? Tell me!


2014-10-08 18:33:24 by BoMToons

Not much new to report this week, new baby is doing fine... fine at reducing my sleep by 20%!! (*buddum-ching*)

I'm working on a new painting in my painting class... I'll post it in the Art Portal when it's done. I learned how to build and stretch my own canvases so that's PRETTY MANLY!

I finished a new Android app for a church contest... you're welcome to download and play it here, though you probably won't like it unless you're LDS... fair warning!


I really need to work on Super Chibi Knight... motivate me!

I had a baby boy!

2014-10-01 16:13:37 by BoMToons

You probably didn't know, but my wife and I have been expecting a new baby for the last 9 months. Welcome to the world Chibi #3!!!

I'm getting behind on these games... I still have to finish Super Chibi Knight and there's already an ULTRA Chibi Knight in the world...


In other news, I did a pretty cool painting and submitted it to the ART PORTAL!



Fall Cleaning

2014-09-24 11:33:13 by BoMToons

I updated my resume! That means Super Chibi Knight's end must be on the horizon... I hope!

Here is the most recent episode of SCK "DRAW TIME!" There is some cool gameplay at the end!

What did you think of the video?

What do you think of this screenshot?


I really need to buckle down if this is gonna get done before HALLOWEEN!

Need sound fx person

2014-09-17 10:29:34 by BoMToons

I'm looking for someone to integrate pro-quality sounds into the intro animation for Super Chibi Knight.

If you qualify, this would be a PAID gig.

PM me some samples of your work if you're interested.

Here's a screencap from the intro anim you'd be working on:


I'm looking to make a really good impression with this intro, so THANKS for contacting me if you can help.