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BoMToons's News

Posted by BoMToons - April 16th, 2009

This is not 100% confirmed yet, but I'm so excited I had to tell someone!

I've been looking to purchase my first home for about a year now, but have gotten really serious in '09 because of the tax incentives offered by Obama.

The prices in Utah, where I live, are a bit high for the kind of house I'd feel good settling down in for 3-5 years, so I started looking elsewhere including the town where I grew up Fernley, Nevada.

Home prices in Fernley are at an all-time low, plus it's near some of my family, and near my wife's family on the border of Nevada and California (but not TOO close :-P ).

So, I got a tip about an auction being held in Reno where some foreclosed properties in Fernley would be up for bid. I hurried and got a loan pre-qualification document and made the 8 hour drive out to Reno on Tuesday to bid. (this is sounding really boring right now)

Anyway, I found a house that is really nice (~2100 sq. ft) in a nice neighborhood, 3 beds, 2 baths. At the auction, my lot came up for bid and I ended up WINNING! I got it for 115K (a pretty screaming deal).

The seller still has to accept my bid, so the deal is not completely done yet and I still have to get officially financed, but things are looking really great. I made the 8 hour drive back to Utah yesterday and the whole thing seems like a dream at the moment.

If everything goes well I should close on the house at the end of May. Then I'll be 8 hours closer to comic con in July!

Here's a pic:

THANKS OBAMA - Bought a house!

Posted by BoMToons - April 11th, 2009

I'm reading Chris Turner's "Planet Simpson" which examines why The Simpsons is the greatest cultural and pop influence since sliced bread (which was the style at the time). One particular passage reminded me of Newgrounds' beginnings. While discussing how the 1970s-80s punk movement set the stage for the Simpsons he says:

"Some of the bands that made innovative music and some of the directors who re-invigorated movie-making and damn near all the pioneers of online content may not have looked or sounded particularly punk. But the overwhelming majority of them were inspired by and (to varying degrees) dedicated to its core values: strident, even nihilistic opposition to all authority; a preference for authenticity over virtuosity; a bias towards extreme subject matter; and, most importantly, a deep faith in the liberating power of the DIY (do-it-yourself) approach -- that is, the belief that anyone with a camera or guitar or computer, a strong will and a bright idea could create culture (and the bright idea was optional, actually)."

Even though NG has come a long way since the days of club a seal, I think the same core values and driving inspiration remain as underpinnings that guide the site and draw similar-thinking people to it, there's just a much larger community with a lot more talent throwing stuff in the pool these days.

Case in point:

Newgrounds is so PUNK

Posted by BoMToons - April 7th, 2009

A BoMToons shirt was spotted in the real world!

Thanks Afro-Ninja and Luis!

Buy one yourself and send me a pic of you wearing it around your local hang-out!

Spotted Shirt!

Posted by BoMToons - March 31st, 2009

Well, I'm proud of myself. I rode my 1st 100 mile bike race on Saturday.

It was the Tour De St. George and it was a lot of fun (and grueling, mind numbing hard work). My first century in my training for the LOTOJA in September.

You'll remember I weighed 238 lbs 6 months ago and am now down to 186 :)

13.9 mph average speed
38.7 mph top speed
7 hrs 7 mins 49 seconds
104 miles

First Century!

Posted by BoMToons - March 19th, 2009

These are my 2 favorite Portal Defenders videos, they had me really rooting for the guy playing.

The 2nd one (available in HD on youtube) actually shows the player earning the "King of the Portal" medal which means it was his 1st time winning, epic moment caught on film!

/* */

/* */

Posted by BoMToons - March 11th, 2009

Picked up my racing bike so I can begin properly training for the LOTOJA. It's a '09 Specialized Roubaix.

It's a huge difference compared with my mountain bike. It's super light and stiff, all carbon fiber, and the gearing on it allows me to hit some pretty nice speeds. Still gotta get a speedometer/odometer attachment and clip in pedals.

P.S. I'm down to 186 lbs making my total weight loss 49 lbs!

Racing Bike

Posted by BoMToons - March 7th, 2009

It's still kind of surreal to imagine there are people out there playing my games (over and over in PD's case thanks to the difficulty :P )

I found these videos on youtube. WARNING: SPOILERS!

/* */

/* */

/* */
This one is kinda laggy, but I thought the Dutch(?) rap music was funny:

/* */
Check out the "Paint the town red" contest here. I update the featured picture that loads into the game every so often and send traffic to the winning artist's userpage!

Posted by BoMToons - February 26th, 2009

This is the official place to post a link to your "Paint the Town Red" art.
Every so often we'll update the game with a new piece of art...it could be YOURS!

Follow these instructions carefully:

1) Make a piece of bloody footprint art in the "Paint the Town Red" mini game within the flash game Portal Defenders

2) Press Prnt Scrn on your keyboard to copy a screenshot into your computer's clipboard

3) Paste the screenshot into paint, or photoshop, or gimp, or whatever image editor you have

4) Save the image and post it to a hosting site like www.liammacdonald.co.uk/Uploader/, www.putfile.com, www.imageshack.us

5) Post a response to this blog and paste the link to your image.

If we choose your image, we'll link it to your NG userpage turkey!


Posted by BoMToons - February 25th, 2009

Luis and I have been working on an epic game on and off for the last few months. It's finally almost done! We hope to release it tomorrow...ultimate NG tribute.

See a preview below:

/* */

Posted by BoMToons - February 14th, 2009

My good friend and excellent violinist has made it into the YouTube symphony orchestra finals!

Winners get to go play in Carnegie Hall and are determined by user voting!

Please follow this link:


And follow the instructions in the pic below to vote for him. This is a seriously HUGE chance for him and his music career so please help him out!