Entry #247

The secret of my drawing style

2017-02-25 19:30:59 by BoMToons

Not much new to report except that I'm still teaching - I got my official teaching license approved this week so I'm now LEGIT!

As part of my continuing efforts to record ALL THE KNOWLEDGE in my brain and share it with the world, I made a video about the totally unintuitive yet surprisingly genius Adobe Flash/Adobe Animate drawing tools and how I use them in my personal art approach:


I'd recommend watching it in DOUBLE SPEED!



In other news I was thinking about the personality test I took a while back and I remember a bunch of Newgrounds people taking the same test and posting their results (https://www.16personalities.com/) - so I went back through all my news posts looking for the conversation, but I couldn't find it :\

However, it was interesting to review my old posts and, as I've said before, I'm really grateful Newgrounds has its blog system to keep a record of my past thoughts and concerns pains and successes. Also, kudos to my "past self" for being so consistent in posting updates. Time really flies and sometimes it's easy to lose track of where we've been. Remembering the past in detail helps us take bearing on where we want to go next.

EDIT: I found the post! http://bomtoons.newgrounds.com/news/post/950980

The post is about starting my own game studio... I feel far from that now... but the end of the comments mentions my idea to start a school with GAMES as the curriculum for all the subjects... so I'm a little bit on that track now... maybe I AM working toward my long term goals and not just settling!



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2017-02-25 21:29:18


BoMToons responds:

You won't believe what happens next...


2017-02-26 06:38:13

Wow I remember that post.

Doesn't seem like it's already been another year

BoMToons responds:

Time be slippin'


2017-02-26 23:55:09

This is no more secret, LOL! Anyway thx for info.

BoMToons responds:

The more you know...