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I'm still alive

Posted by BoMToons - May 10th, 2011

After being down and out with bronchitis, I'm slowly getting back into reality. I had lots of time to lay there and think.

My dream (interpretations?):

I used to get really high fevers as a kid and have hallucinations. This time, I had a high fever, but just had a weird dream:

There was this new kind of tick, that had a long body with a large green translucent abdomen. When this tick would burrow into someone's flesh, the abdomen would glow green and pulsate.

My body was covered with these new insects, all burrowed in past their heads. It looked like I was covered in scales there were so many of them, all pulsing and sucking away my life.

I would methodically unscrew them from my skin and cast them aside, but somehow they filled back in as quickly as I could remove them.

At one point I sat down in the passenger's seat of my car and ran my hands through my hair when, to my horror and disgust, I discovered that even my head, under my hair, was layered with the ticks.

The dream was one where it all feels like reality and just when you're about to abandon yourself to the despair of living your life in the horrid circumstance, you wake up and all you can think about (as you lay there in your broken-fever sweat) is how grateful you are that it was just a dream.

I'm still alive

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ok now get to work.

Im just guessing here:

your falling into some deep problems that will stick with at all times

Wouldn't it be even creepier if the bug actually exists? It might not suck out your life to an extreme of those circumstances you dreamt, but you never know....

The ticks represent frames, and the green pulsating light is a metaphor for you to get going. The car represents the vehicle you are going to use to make your next creation, a dress up game with hidden numbers you have to find to escape the room filled with balloons you have to burst in order to jump out the window as far as you can go while collecting cash to purchase upgrades so you can jump further in an effort to save the princess who is in another castle.

My god... the concepts and the breaking point of reality and a dream world....

Sometimes I'll have myself weird dream factors. In fact, frequenting I have Deja Vu experiences (y'know, when you almost dream into the future?) I completely forget what happens in my dream then, but when that exact moment happens the following day, something just clicks in my head and says, "Hey, this exact moment happened in your dream!" It is such an amazing feeling...

But having ticks crawling around in your hair is a bit eerie and, in my opinion, having a reaction from your dream like you had, it must have been a hundred times more scary. Sorry to hear that happen to you man.

Going to be a pretty nasty tick season this year.

I wish you well, and I hope bronchitis doesn't overcome you again. Although, I'm still looking forward to your latest projects, hopefully it will be awesome! Best of luck. :)

Note to self:
...Don't leave the house this summer, new ticks have arrived.
Thank you bomtoon you have saved my life as well as many others tonight

this could be a good game idea or atleast a boss fight

My god you are too beautiful. :D

Or a short animation, with the music track from Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze"

Glowing Ticks, all in my skin, dahr di dahr dah dahr dahr
Pulsing green, poking out like a pin dahr di dahr dah dahr dahr
Robbing me, of my blessed life dahr di dahr dah dahr dahr
Invincible, causin nothin but strife dahr di dahr dah dahr dahr

*incredible text based guitar solo that melts your headphones*

why does the tick have cthulu's face on it?

A large amount of any bug would creep me out. What you said is just plain scary. Also, how much done are you with Chibi Knight 2?


Thats an awesome dream, need to be a short movie

Keep in mind, if you have Mindchoder involved in that short movie you might make, that the file size will be over 30MB, it will pause 3 or 4 times in the 4 minutes of playtime to rebuffer, and people will have to watch it on the lowest quality just to prevent it from lagging, maybe.


I had a dream where I was in a parade with the backstreet boys.

I had a long ten year stint where I died very often in my dreams.

It was terrifying, but a great way to wake up ready to face a day.

And of course that feeling that washes over you, the "I'm Still Alive!" feeling was almost like a drug. Complete despair followed by overwhelming relief.

I dunno, I kind of miss it... kinda.

Hope you get even better, and that it doesnt happen in real life.

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