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So many times, it happens too fast...you trade your passion for glory. Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past, you must fight just to keep them alive.

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That's cool you're learning angular. It's been one of those I'll read something useful while I'm on downtime things but there hasn't been much downtime.
This year has been kind of hit or miss. Probably most years are like that but it's good to reflect on wins and losses. It's ending on a bit of a bummer. My boss got laid off last week and some people have shitty bosses but I really appreciated her leadership and that it sucks being laid off close to Christmas or what have you. Learning what new stuff I have to do to pinch hit while waiting on a new creative director kind of sucks so today was rough cause I won't deny I woke up bitter. Did work a little on cctb during lunch to get my mind off stuff which did help not sure how unbusy I'll be in the current climate but we'll see.
On the positive side, I feel like creatively and professionally I'm at the top of my game. I might do something 'crazy' soon. Thanks for the update!

Sorry to hear about your boss, that sucks when good people get let go. Maybe you can take over her job! ;-P

We'll get CCTB done, no pressure.

Angular is pretty impressive, but I'll leave the details for a future post.

That art is really awesome! Please do post some of it. I hope you're not under too much stress with everything.

I will eventually, just gotta open up some time to go through the process.

Hey, man, stay awesome!
Unbent unbound unbroken!

Doing my best!

Bruised and broken... no bad news I hope? All good with family and work and such things...? Do you FEEL like you might have cancer...? :O Ominous messages there..

But as for the art that's looking awesome as always! From best to still-good-but-not-as-great-as-the-first-ones. And really cool news about the Epic cameo too! :D Life's not all strange poses and closed fists huh, some roses is the mix with these enclosed hits? Always fun to catch up with these posts, though kinda darker tone to this one...

I don't have any good reasons to complain, self-inflicted woes mainly... I'm ok and know things will be ok in the long run. Sorry for the dark tone, but you gotta have some bitter to appreciate the sweet in life they tell me.

Hmm, like chocolate huh, all the good kinds have a little bit of that sweet bitterness to them... so long as you're appreciating the sweets too it's all good. ;) Good to know. If it's winter woes you know D-Vitamin can really chase those away. Powerful boost on dark UV-ray lacking days.

Hm, I hadn't considered the Seasonal Affective Disorder "Winter Blues" slant. I do usually get down a bit at this time of year... thanks for the reminder! I'm in warm and sunny California now though, so I can't complain much.

Honetly , i feel welcome. tubmlr was fun but thanks to sjws , we lost but its great we have a new home

Such controversy!

@BoMToons , honestly tumblr is full of it. And drama too

I hope the influx of people to NG will turn out good for everyone. NG is a special place with a lot of talented and caring people. I hope we see it return to its full splendor as an Internet top dawg.

Ah, man, envy! XD Though you did have that gigantic fire right? Anything you've been affected by personally?

The smoke got really bad down here, I know a couple people who lost homes, but nothing directly affecting me.

Must be pretty horrible to lose your home... we live in such naive safety over here, feeling like all these natural (well maybe not so natural but:) disasters hitting others won't be affecting us, but you never know until things come knocking...

Did you have to evacuate? Stay at home? Or life as usual even with the black smoke billowing?

Yeah, hopefully insurance kicks in for the ones I know. No evacuations for me, I'm down in the Bay Area, so pretty distant from ground zero. Smoke was really bad though. Would have been kinda beautiful if not for the health impact and knowledge of all the suffering surrounding it.

Gotta try to be prepared to lose everything any day I guess... Stoicism is a philosophy with a lot to say on the matter.

Hey, hope everything is going ok! Your opening makes me worried but you had lots of good stuff to show in the rest of your news. I need to take a closer look through your reading list. Right now I'm reading "Why We Dream", which just came out in November. I'm trying to be up on the latest Dream stuff in case anything could play well in Nightmare Cops.

Why We Dream makes reference to another book called The Third Reich of Dreams, which is supposed to be fascinating. It's based on the records of a psychoanalyst who logged their patients evolving dreams during the rise of the Third Reich. Turns out it's a rare book but I decided to order a used copy anyway to leave no stone unturned.

Third Reich of Dreams came up in Why We Dream on the topic of people believing in "shared dreams" in an astral sort of sense when the reality is more likely that overarching themes in society are impacting peoples' dreams in similar ways. Nightmare Cops has a big ongoing theme of anxiety over automation and I feel like it all plays well with that.

I'm curious to see more of your thoughts on Angular and what all you are doing with it. Some day I'll find my new happy place away from AS2 and it would be nice if I could use it to do cool NG front-end stuff.

Yeah, my opening was maybe a bit dramatic! I need to focus more on the positive.

Why we dream looks good! I just added it to my audible collection to listen to during my commute.

In one of my previous posts (https://bomtoons.newgrounds.com/news/post/1018356) I mentioned a bunch of recent dreams (here's another from back in the day: https://bomtoons.newgrounds.com/news/post/589977). Every once in a while I'll have really wacky, off-the-wall, dreams, but I find that usually the symbols, and especially the EMOTIONS experienced during the dream, are revelatory about what's going on in my life and how I'm trying to process/work through recent events.

I heard a RadioLab (I think) recently about how the chemical and electrical activity that goes on during dreaming helps reset our brains and also how dreaming allows us to process trauma in a state where certain parts of our brains (that are normally re-traumatized by remembering trauma) are shut off. Essentially: dreaming can allow us to process trauma without being damaged by the experience of remembering it consciously.

That's really cool that you're jumping into dream research for inspiration in Nightmare Cops, makes me look forward to it even more!

Third Reich of Dreams sounds even more fascinating. I'll see if I can find a copy of that one for myself too. (Update: I ordered a used copy from Amazon!)

I think you'd enjoy Godel, Escher, Bach quite a bit - it's kind of eclectic in its content, but touches on various ways that art, music, logic, math, computer science, and REALITY overlap and intersect.

The other book by the same author uses a short French poem as its premise. Then the author takes that poem and has over 100 people translate it then analyzes the translations and delves into questions about what language is and whether translation can ever be done perfectly (or communication for that matter), ultimately touching on ideas of consciousness and, again, the nature of reality.

As usual, thanks for popping your head in here and leaving a comment. You're what underpins the "specialness" of the NG community. Is the Tumblr stuff going to turn out as huge for NG as it's appearing to so far?

Probably good to be close to the water too huh. Good to know.

Yeah, life's a fickle thing, homes, possessions... cloud backups are the only thing you can really rely on these days. ;)

Also for some reason I'm suddenly a bit intrigued by what reading material might've lingered above hmm... need to get into some of this stuff too, the more philosophical and furthering of reading material... it's been exclusively Detective Conan for a few months straight at this point...

The water presence is really nice! Temperatures are crazily consistent!

I'd recommend any of those books I mentioned in my post.

@WonderSchwfity @BoMToons i guess so. most moved to derpi and furfintty which i have too.

Ok, these are terms with which I am unfamiliar...

@TomFulp @BoMToons Godel, Escher, Bach sounds cool, will have to take a look.

This Tumblr stuff is definitely different from anything that has happened in a very long time. I have a lot of fear of people deciding NG doesn't have enough of what they want but I'm hoping they like the ongoing updates and stick around for the long-haul! I don't know how long this uptick will continue but the longer it goes the more promising the future looks.

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