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Entry #137

Help Test Super Chibi Knight

7/1/13 by BoMToons


If you didn't know yet, I'm working on a PC/MAC/Linux sequel to Chibi Knight called SUPER CHIBI KNIGHT!

I am trying to polish off a demo in the next couple of weeks to send out for beta testing. If you're interested in helping test an early UN-FINISHED pre-release demo of Super Chibi Knight, then go sign up at the top of the page here:

Additionally, I could really use your help on Steam Greenlight: To get this game released on Steam, vote "YES" here: s/?id=152710075

I am currently 29% of the way to the top 100...

Help Test Super Chibi Knight


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help... me.... too.. much... awesomesauce.... I... NEED... TO... PLAY!!!

10/27/13 BoMToons responds:

One day... ONE DAY!



Will we have to buy it on Steam?

7/6/13 BoMToons responds:

Only if you want to play it!

wait, did chibi knight 2 sort of balloon into this or is that a different project?

7/1/13 BoMToons responds:

This is the sequel to chibi knight, now known as SUPER Chibi Knight!



Done & done. :)

7/1/13 BoMToons responds:

*high five*

Done and done. I hope you really like suggestions and ideas, because I'm full of them!

7/1/13 BoMToons responds:

Then you are the right man for the jorb!

I'm just a casual Newground user, one of many users of this site, but Chibi Knight was and still is one of my favorites games on this site. So when I just saw I could sign up for test this, I said, why not?

The game will sure be awesome when it's finished. I'm looking really forward to it :D

7/1/13 BoMToons responds:

Awesomesauce! Does my heart good to know you're a fan of the original!

signed up! Can't wait! :D my computer isn't the best even with Castle Crashers on Steam it lags some, but I'll try to work with it xD could be worse.

7/1/13 BoMToons responds:

Sweet man, I appreciate the help!