Entry #245

New video

2017-01-29 23:53:41 by BoMToons

Hi folks, as you know, I teach graphic design and game development at a local high-school. What you might NOT know is that the school asked me to be the "Public Relations Coordinator" also - So I get to help make my school look good with media-related stuff like social media posts, videos, website (currently under construction), etc.

It's been fun so far because it helps scratch my creative itch and has given me opportunities to learn and grow in some new areas. By no means am I very good at this yet, but here's a mini-documentary video I recorded and edited together this weekend for the middle-school branch of our charter school:


I can always count on Newgrounders to give me constructive feedback, so what do you think?


Much <3!



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2017-01-30 08:14:29

The camera work is a little shaky. Bring a tripod next time to smooth it out.

BoMToons responds:

Good point! My tripod broke shortly before filming :-( - what I really need though, is a steadicam...


2017-01-30 22:17:32

Dude this is awesome. You're awesome.

BoMToons responds:

So are you! What are you doing these days?