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Graduation and AVGN!

Posted by BoMToons - December 12th, 2016

Hey, I finally graduated! Only 18 years after my high school graduation... :-/


In other good news, the Angry Video Game Nerd finally got around to playing Abobo's Big Adventure! It makes me smile constantly to see other people enjoying Abobo and getting (most of) the jokes:

I agree with some of the comments that he should have hired us to make his Steam game... ;-)

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Graduationnnnnn!!!!! Congrats dude. No shame in how long it took. One older guy I met was getting his PhD by going to night school with a full-time job and family to also manage. I think it's more impressive and telling of how you can manage your time.

Still waiting on the "How to instantly be good at art" video.

Thanks, I was working full-time and have 3 kids. Part of me still wishes I'd just finished when I was young though...

Congrats!! Also, so cool to see the AVGN playthrough (it was fun to see the unintended "shitpickle" reference). It's great to see them play a Newgrounds game pointing out the references and getting the medals in the process. What a cool clash of 'oldschool' and influential internet projects :D

Thanks! Yeah, it's weird that it's taken them this long to get around to playing it...

Woohoo, congratulations you grad you! Snap, it's really cool to see Abobo get some love after all this time :)

Tell me about it!

Congrats to your friendly ass.

Thank you kindly! (I think)

Congrats! you rock

Thanks Mike!

Congrats again on the graduation!

I saw earlier today on Mike's twitter that he and James were playing Abobo's big adventure and was like, "awesome!" I still have yet to watch them playing it.


Congrats and congrats!!!

Thanks Tom!

I keep forgetting it's that time of year. Congrats!

Grads flowing from every pore!


Now that bg music is playing in my head...



congratulations on that graduation

i stopped watching the avgn forever ago but nice meme i guess


Graduated?? not in accounting, I hope :|
Dood, artists should graduate in art. Do what you love and love what you do!!!!
I'm gonna check out that AVGN thingy.... I like him... too

I graduated in ART (education). I kinda like teaching too!

Many congrats!

Yeah, I've played his 2 games on Steam and they're very much in the style of Abobo's Big Adventure.
I think you'd have done a good job on them!

Thanks Matt!

He should have. Your art is pretty darn cool.
Glad you managed to graduate, after all, I already finished(what I think translate into American's) High School. It was this year, this month, even.
Glad you managed to get that art degree(is it a degree? I'm sorry, I don't know how American school/university works or the words they use, forgive me), I'm doing math, and I'm lucky to both be doing what I love and be doing it early, as you sadly only got to do it by now. But no problem, though. Better late than never, right?
YOU DEFEATED(high school(get the reference?))
(btw you look like a fiiiine gentleman with graduation clothes)

Thanks! Yes, it's a university degree. Congrats on your own graduation!