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Learn to code!

Posted by BoMToons - October 25th, 2016

I've been teaching a "Digital Game Development" class at a local charter school for the past 12 weeks! My "internship" is nearly over and then I'll get that sweet sweet paper degree in December!

To scratch my creative itch I've been making videos about Graphic Design and Game Dev. for my students. If you're interested in learning pretty dang quick, check out this playlist on YouTube:

[ Digital Game Development Play List ]

The first few vids I snatched from other people who did a great job with the basic introductory stuff, but the last 10 or so are made by me.

Here's a sample to see if you like my style!

In other news, all this time sitting in a classroom has bred some good game ideas... I still have a BIG game (http://www.bossclash.com) that I need to finish once my internship is done, and I have some interest from a unique company regarding Deterministic Dungeon that might create some decent cash flow... hoping things work out for the best there.

I've got Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks coming up soon and I hope to be able to get back into the game-dev swing with the time off.

How do you balance the mundanity of making ends meet with your desire to be creative (all while not burning yourself out)?



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code is scary

Nah, it's all just logic - you'd be good at it once you learned a few syntax tricks.

Great idea, the more great developers we get the better games we get! Thanks.

Let's all learn!

RE: How do you balance the mundanity of making ends meet with your desire to be creative (all while not burning yourself out)?

I've gotten into the habit of making rough drafts of scripts in notepad (while no one is looking) at my day job. It can be hard to find time to get the checklists all checked off while working a full time job, and squeezing in some of them while at work helps to lessen the resentment of working for someone else...

I'll take a look at some of these vids later on... thanks and good luck with your projects!

Interesting, I just saw some top ten entrepreneur habits list thing online that said productive people keep a notebook with them at all times to scribble ideas... sounds like you're on track!

PHP Developer here

can confirm that coding is the path to the dark side and there's no escape and no remorse

Yay for PHP!

"How do you balance..."

Here's how I do it.

I work my ass off all day so that I have more time in larger chunks later.
Then I work some more and completely ignore the voice inside of me that's screaming at me to let it bring life to its ideas because the stream of bills and errands never ends and I'm too proud to let anyone help me.

Pretty simple actually :)

Yeah, pretty much that... depressing to admit.

thanks for the vid :D

My pleasure!