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Follow me for a free Steam Key!

Posted by BoMToons - January 7th, 2015

I will select 3 random people from my list of Newgrounds followers to receive free Steam Keys of Super Chibi Knight!

[Click here and confirm to enter!]

Winners will be announced next Wednesday!

Here are some Super Chibi updates:

All 3 worlds represented in this screenshot, starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel!


The Indie Game Magazine ran a "preview" article on Super Chibi Knight (p. 49), it turned out really nice:


Lots of positive reviews and feedback so far on the Early Access version of the game, it's getting more legit err' day!

In other news, I found this vid of a guy speed running Abobo's Big Adventure, I was thoroughly impressed, but I think it could be potentially done EVEN faster. Are you up to the challenge?

Super Chibi Knight Preview

Finally, here's a never-before-seen screenshot of the newest dungeon in Super Chibi Knight, I love how this enemy turned out:

If you'd like to play the Early Access version of Super Chibi Knight, click the link below:


Has anyone reading this played it yet? Leave me a comment yo!


Comments (13)

now this time I'm bound to get it tho

Ha ha, good luck!

I was already following you since I completed for the 290218230813561980521907th time Chibi Knight.
Getting a key would make me so happy <3

You're way ahead of the curve home slice!

It shall be mine. >:D


... oh, I'm not following you.
Don't worry about the steam key.

Ha ha, if you win you'll get a Steam key AND YOU'll LIKE IT!!!

Oh, and completed as far as I can go on Chibi Knight! It's fun, but I mostly sat at the edge of the dragon boss arena to kill it :(
I'll prob start up another file to try out the stuff that I missed, such as the ship.

If it was Ivan Dragon, I've since adjusted him so you can't camp on the edge to beat him :-)

I recently updated a bunch of stuff, so you should take another look for sure!

I really wanna try this game! i really enjoyed the flash version and this looks epic!

Hope you win! If you liked the flash version you'll love this one!

Wait, I've known you and played your games for this long and I HAVEN'T been following you? What the hell is wrong with me? D:

Well, that's been corrected.

It's about time! You were hurting my feelings!

I'm sorry BoM, please forgive me.

We're not worthy! We're not worthy!


Hey dude! I already have a steam key but I wouldn't mind another ;P The reason I am commenting is that I already have the game via Steam Key as I backed your kickstarter (because you are amazing and inspirational to us indie developers) - but I haven't played (or even downloaded) the game yet as I wanted to wait until it was completely finished (out of early access). Any idea when this will be?

Hope this game sells like crazy for you! Best of luck buddy :)

Hopefully coming out in Feb some time... but no promises!

All good things take time :) Hey I went to your Patreon account and saw how you stated the play statistics of your previous games (all in the millions that impressive dude!). I'm assuming it wasn't all through newgrounds - so how did you keep track of how many plays it got across the net? Is there some kind of API out there that you can integrate into a game to track those kind of stats (if so, what)? I'd love to do that with my future projects.

Yes! It's the Newgrounds API! It's free and easy to use:


Oh haha I use that too! I just wasn't sure if there was something else you were using to track everything. I just use it for ads and medals. Is the number of ad impressions the same thing as number of plays? Or is there another tool in the API that I am unaware of...? I know they have custom events but I don't know if people use those to track stats....

Sorry for all of the questions haha...

There is a separate stat they track for views, and yeah, I use custom events to track specific things people do in the game (like reach the ending for example). The API is pretty powerful if you learn all it can do!

Meh, I just bought that 2 days ago.
...good Lord, I keep forgetting about buying this game and when I do, I have the chance of receiving it for free!
Oh well.
But, hey! I finally got the money to buy the game, so that's pretty cool!

Awesome! I really appreciate the support and it's very worth the price IMO. Let me know how you like it!

I actually backed the game already so I have access. I played it for like 5 minutes to see if it was as good as the original. Turns out it was, I don't wanna spoil myself so I'm staying away from the early access. I want to play the fully completed game as it's meant to be played. hehe. Cant wait :)

Hee hee, awesome! I have to respect people who are willing to wait for the full meal deal :-D