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Need sound fx person

Posted by BoMToons - September 17th, 2014

I'm looking for someone to integrate pro-quality sounds into the intro animation for Super Chibi Knight.

If you qualify, this would be a PAID gig.

PM me some samples of your work if you're interested.

Here's a screencap from the intro anim you'd be working on:


I'm looking to make a really good impression with this intro, so THANKS for contacting me if you can help.


Comments (6)

Good luck finding someone! I've never done sound with animation myself but I've done plenty of frame by frame sound edits because of the YouTubers I work with and teach XD

Interesting! I'm not sure what frame by frame sound edits are, but thanks for the well-wishes!

I should say sub-frame edits. Its where you edit parts of the audio within a frame for different effects or to fix audio issues (Sometimes its required when you're using 2-3 audio tracks).

I should ask because I wasn't quite sure what you meant here, what exactly would be integrating pro-quality sound be? Like adding sound effects to the video? And is it all provided or are you looking for someone to make AND integrate?

Make/find. I would add them to the video.

I hope my name doesn't put you off, but I am actually a sound designer in real life. I will definitely send you some of my sound demos.
Your games have lots of monsters in them, and I will be more than glad to help them leave a lasting sonic impression in your intro.

You mean a foley artist, or just a geek that can import something safe from his collection? Anyone who can record audio can create decent sfx, that usually sounds a shit-ton better than the canned stuff. Just a little imagination (slow down, speed up, pitch shift..) and some light reading are all you need. I bought licensed music and sfx back in the day, and I hardly ever used it |:

Anyway, I'm sure I missed the point of this post. My Pop always said, do it yourself, because you'll be taking more time to do it than a pro would, and learning along the way. Plus, who else has a more vested interest than yourself? Than again, it's good to share the burden, give someone else a crack at going above and beyond, get a little pay... (almost seems like I'm talking about the weather, right?;)

Yeah, I'm struggling with deciding whether or not to just do it myself...

I can find sfx and I really like using sfxr to just generate 8-bit sounding fx... but I know that there are people out there who know a lot more about this stuff and could do a much better more "custom tailored" feeling job.

The difference between me and someone who knows what they're doing would probably not be noticeable to 90% of the people who will see this, but I still wish this intro could be super "top notch" because I believe, even subconsciously, that the "first impression" goes a long way toward getting people excited about hopping into the game and deciding whether it'll be worth their effort to invest time in finishing the entire game.

Larry and the gnomes, symphony of specters. Since you said paid pro... THAT's what you're looking for. However, you have to contact him as he doesn't know.

I just went ahead and did the sounds myself. Hopefully it's GOOD ENUFF! Thanks for the link though, he's a talented dude!

Oh also, because I forgot, here are ZStriefel's demo reels. I know you already decided but it's just to complete my information below. :P

Dang, his stuff is top notch! I'll definitely keep him in mind for the future.