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I was going to skip this week...

Posted by BoMToons - August 29th, 2014

I was going to skip doing a front-page post this week because I don't have much Super Chibi Knight progress to report.

It's busy back-to-school season and I've been doing some freelance stuff to stretch the Kickstarter funds a bit more, but last night I had a long struggle with one of my freelance projects and thought, hey, maybe I can share the solution here for those who might be interested...


I've been working on a shopping cart for a freelance website and getting it to communicate nicely with PayPal (without paying for a 3rd-party solution) has been FUN-STRATING!

The reason I share this here is because I see a lot of potential for game developers to integrate payments into their games using widely-accepted payment systems like PayPal to do micro-transactions and WHATEVER else you can think of like offering a FULL GAME paid download, paid game-pack downloads, extra level paid downloads, etc. I'm sure you can think of more creative ways to "monetize" than I can. 

We tried with decent success ($2.48 eCPM) to do something like that with Abobo's Big Adventure.

The nice thing is that you have a high level of control and flexibility with PayPal's IPN system to really get creative and "brand" what you're doing because it mostly uses your own webpages hosted on your own site.

If this kind of thing sounds interesting to you, then check out this article and get started with PayPal's feature-rich "IPN" system. You may think you have no skill with PHP or programming outside of Flash, but it's actually not that bad once you get going. If my uneducated, thick-skull can figure it out, then I have no doubt ANYONE can :-P


Question of the week: What is a new, creative, unheard-of, way to make money on your game?

Also, go help fund the MADNESS Kickstarter!

Oh, I guess there is something to look at from Super Chibi Knight:


Comments (2)

I tried to figure out paypal to do a simple little shop on my site for selling music. Long story short, I used bandcamp (which uses paypal, anyway... DX)

I've declared a blood feud with paypal, so even your mild endorsement here has turned you into my most bitter enemy to be slayed at your earliest convenience. Have your people send your information to my people and I'll send out a hitman say...wednesday?

slayment_fee = 4.56
funerary_service = 7.98
grieving_period = 4.19

I could help you cross over if you really wanted to do it yourself and not be tied to a megacorporation like... BANDCAMP!

Ugh, kind of you to offer, but I'd rather not mess with all that right now. Maybe when I'm feeling masochistic sometime. :P