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We playin' bass-get...

Posted by BoMToons - August 20th, 2014

Update y'allz:

I'm working on Super Chibi Knight like err' day hoping that some day it will be done.

My goal was August, but that's unlikely with the amount of work left.


The ideas for what to add to SCK are revealed to me quite piece-meal. I have an overarching story with some important landmarks along the way (and I know exactly what the final boss battle will be), but there's lots of content to create to fill in the empty spots.

Every night I go to bed thinking about tons of options for a specific part of the game and it's just a jumble of ideas and images and tidbits of games I've seen or played + whatever I've been interested in lately (just finished reading Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" and am starting to read Herbert's "Dune")

This continues for a long time until my actual work progress starts catching up to the part of the game I've been thinking about. Then, on more than one occasion, there is a moment of clarity and I can somehow discern from start to finish exactly how that part of the game should look and play. It always comes "just in time" and feels so good. It helps re-ignite my excitement for the project.

I don't know what causes that "gel" factor in my brain and why it waits until I am almost right upon it. Perhaps the pressure of the deadline... who knows? But I really enjoy that moment. It feels like revelation.


Here is a pic from something I just added, kind of inspired by the basketball part of Dad N' Me.


Also, something exclusive just for NG followers: Splish Splash


If you want to get in on Beta testing, sign up at the official site: SuperChibiKnight.com

Tell me, how do you winnow down the infinity of possibilities in your brain to decide on what to finally produce?

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It's not so much a question of "polish" vs. "new features" as it is, how exactly to lay things out, visuals, ordering, pacing, control feel, etc.

I guess there is some "what features do I want in here" but I don't feel that pulling away from the level of polish...

It's kind of like: "I need something interesting here... out of everything I COULD do, what do I WANT to do?"

I pick the one that's least stressful, most fun, most interesting, most visually pleasing, etc depending on the situation (deadlines, mood, etc). Maybe it's just me, but I can usually get a precise image in my head of what I want to happen here while playing through the game. It usually comes to me when I'm doing something else, though.

Cool, sounds similar to what I'm describing.

If you've never smoked pot before, this might be a good time! Only a hit or two to start ;) Afterwards, all those disparate thoughts become a big picture, much easier to dispassionately evaluate things. Pot's only good for occasional use and in small doses...

Maybe a good night's sleep is all you need.

Ha ha, I'm afraid I'd lose my motivation to work if I hit the bong :-P