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Too close to home...

Posted by BoMToons - June 19th, 2014

Watching this video brought many pits to my stomach. Most of his mistakes coincide with problems in Super Chibi Knight. I'm guessing lots of game designers can relate to what he's talking about when they've tried making an "EPIC" game. At least I'm "failing fast" instead of wasting 13 years on SCK (unlike Abobo's Big Adventure :-P)

But SCK will be good... don't worry! It will be worth your money!!! :-D

I downloaded his game and it was fairly bad, but had some flashes of brilliance. There's a puzzle where you use a paintbrush to paint the walls in a dark room with glowing moss so you can see the platforms well enough to get to the exit. Dedicating time to code and perfect a gameplay mechanic like that, that will likely only be used once, is what makes indie games special.

Here's a screenshot of exactly what I'm working on at 1:05 PM Pacific Time on Thursday 6/19/2014 (the time of this post).


Can you relate to that video?

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saw that video last night , Reminds me of how Ive been working on this flash fighting game for like, 3 years.

Ha ha, I know the feel.

I've been "so close" to finishing my "masterpiece" game for about 4 years. I just hope that action-script 2 still works online when it's done haha. SCK looks like it's gonna kick ass btw. I got the credit card ready!

Ha ha, hopefully the web still exists by then! ;-)

Aw man, I can feel his frustration.

I wonder if he would have been happier scrapping it and moving on to something else....

Yeah. Took me 3 and a half years to finish an indie movie, which was supposed to be just a promotional for the screenplay. Oh well, I learned. I made a good chunk of money in TV and freelance video afterwards, so I can't complain. Just under ten years of fucking around, then getting paid for it.

Should I have stuck with video production, after the turn of the century recession, and all my equipment died on a cross country trip? I still don't know, but being out of the 'creative game' sure sucks, and even made it hard for me to join NG. After all, this place was for content providers, professionals in Flash, animation and music, not the stuff you saw on cable TV :p

Yeah, time making stuff is never truly wasted, I don't think.

Oh I agree, the hours of work really do show through any half decent production/project. Spikevallentine PM'ed me after reading this, asking me where he can see my work. I was about to tell him, "In my box trailer." but that seemed rather snide.

Along with furniture, ancient electronics and about a 1000 VHS movie tapes I was given, is my pile of stock footage, a few dozen tapes spanning 2 continents and a few hundred people. Never got around to transferring it to digital, since I never had a computer capable enough to edit (or even store) video. Could probably stir up some shit on on YT with what I've got in the can...

You should really make an effort to transfer them. I really regret losing my early games I made in my high school computer lab. You won't regret it!

It better be good you lil' shit. I spent 20 bucks on your kickstarter. Failure results in death.

By failure, I mean it must no less than 100 levels, 200 upgrades, 300 NPCs, a living, breathing, world where every decision is able to be reflected on how every single thing reacts to you. You also need 500 collectible cards to get special bonuses, and throw in some four player online co-op with different abilities for each player.

Oh man.... the pressure!

Ok.... saw the same Canon L2 I used to use on Ebay for a C note, guess I'll place a bid!

There are a lot of VHS to Digital converters out there. Probably around $80.


IDK man, I was getting about 400 lines of resolution from the Hi-8 camera, and though they show a SVHS plug on the device, there's no mention of it anywhere in the product specs |: Maybe http://www.hauppauge.com/ has something; that was my out of reach choice after my gear died, and my one buddy moved to Washington State with his 2 Canon L2's...

You'd be surprised the kind of res you'd get from a 6 head VCR on a digital TV, with an S cable http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Component_video, but still not as rad as 12" video laser discs.

You're talking over my head now ha ha! Sounds like you're on top of it. I look forward to seeing the final product ONLINE! ;-)

I can relate a lot to this having spend a little over 3 years on my game Straight Bullyism. It's a tough situation when you reach the point of no return by already investing a ton of time into a project. Glad to hear you're still optimistic about SCK being worth your time, for me I knew my game wouldn't be that great but I finished it anyway. It's hard to say whether or not I regret finishing it, as opposed to giving up at around year 2, but I definitely regret not doing extensive planning beforehand.

It's a really tough lesson to learn. Regrets can be teachers.

I love you.

One must love one's pene.