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New Horizons

2014-03-27 14:35:28 by BoMToons

The Super Chibi Knight Kickstarter is now over and ended up 186% funded! Thanks to everyone who helped out! This is a vid of the final countdown before Bella went to school:

I also did a new "Super Chibi Knight" Draw Time episode:


I now have to start the process of fulfilling Kickstarter physical rewards (t-shirts, posters, and keychains) but before I can do that I have to wait for all the Kickstarter backers to fill out the survey I emailed them to set their choices. Another interesting note for anyone thinking of doing Kickstarter, about 5% of the total amount didn't come through because of processing errors (expired cards, insufficuent funds, etc.) Some people are correcting the problem, but some are just ignoring it. Some even emailed saying "I thought it would charge me right away, not a month later!" Welcome to Kickstarter! 5% is a significant chunk of cash, even for my small-scale Kickstarter... I can't imagine the people who raise 100k or 1mil on KS.


While I'm waiting for that stuff, I started messing around with languages other than Actionscript. I downloaded Microsoft Visual Studio and messed around with c# - It wasn't too bad, but there are a lot of little strict things about it that annoyed me (like requiring you to define an array's length when you create it...).


I also downloaded Unity and started messing around:



Unity's not bad, you can code in c# or Javascript. The Javascript syntax is very similar to Actionscript, but there's still a learning curve to figure out how to target stuff correctly in the 3D environment and how to handle collision detection. Unity has a bunch of built-in stuff for physics, but I don't really trust it and I prefer to be able to tweak things myself in the code until it feels right... this might be a mistake on my part in the long-run, but it's where I'm at now.


The newest version of Unity has a bunch of built-in stuff for doing 2D games, which is really nice. I can see myself making the leap fairly easily, but still need to learn how I'd go about loading dynamic levels and dividing menus, levels, gameover screens, etc. Oh and I don't know how music and sound effects work in it yet...


Super Chibi Knight might be the last "BIG" game I make in Flash... well, that I make ONLY in Flash. I still think Flash's animation and drawing tools are great!


Speaking of SCK, I decided to port everything over to FlashDevelop because Flash was taking too long to compile and navigate around the file. I am now suffering for my past sins of disorganization in Flash. All kinds of reference errors and stuff are popping up because of the new "no frames" structure. I basically have to go through thousands of lines of code and optimize them for the new setup. I think it'll be worth it in the long run.

Oh, did I mention that I got a call from Nintendo and they approved me to be a WiiU developer? So, that's pretty cool!

This post was really long, sorry! In reality, I'm now pretty focused because I know what I need to do for the next 4 months... it's all laid out, just have to hoe the row now.

Leave me a comment to encourage and embolden me!



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2014-03-27 14:45:09

FD is a godsend. If you code in haxe/openfl, you can use flash's api but better and export to every platform with one set of code. Win, mac, linux, ios, android, flash, html5, blackberry...and FD handles haxe well :D

BoMToons responds:



2014-03-27 14:55:10


BoMToons responds:



2014-03-27 15:54:59

Approved for Wii U? That's pretty awesome!

BoMToons responds:

Ha ha, yeah, it's cool, but it won't be this game on it unfortunately...


2014-03-27 16:08:21


But seriously, that's great! I wish you future success.

BoMToons responds:

Some day it might be so, unfortunately it won't be Super Chibi Knight on there... at least not for a looong time anyway.


2014-03-27 17:02:53

Portal Defenders 2 on Wii U. Can't wait.

BoMToons responds:

See, now THAT could happen :-D


2014-03-27 17:18:48

Fingers crossed for Super Mario Chibi Knight!
Hey, who knows? They made a game where Sonic's Link, right? XP

Seriously though, I'm so pumped for this game! The original was, like, some of the most fun I had on this site, along with Portal Defenders... which you're responsible for as well! Guess that's enough confirmation that this game will be awesome! :D

Good luck, dude. :)

BoMToons responds:

Chibi Knight in the next smash bros! :-P


2014-03-27 17:45:52

So since it's flashdevelop, does it use vector art?
Also, openfl/haxeflixel.

BoMToons responds:

It CAN use vectors, if you export .swc files from your .fla


2014-03-27 18:31:06

Awesome job so far Nick! Keep up the good work! (how's that?)

BoMToons responds:

Thanks Roberto! Can't wait to get your book in the mail soon!


2014-03-27 21:58:57

Big congrats man! First step into a bright new future. Very excited to see how the game turns out and will definitely have to pick myself up a copy.

BoMToons responds:

Thanks! Hope you enjoy!


2014-03-28 02:58:52

I'm on the delinquent list on your payment stuff! I'll fix it when I'm back in the usa! Sorry about that. I haven't used kickstarter in ages

BoMToons responds:

*taps foot anxiously* ;-)


2014-03-28 04:47:48

yaaayyyy keep using Unity and C#, that's what I'm using!

There's a billion resources out there to help learn it, it's really good.

BoMToons responds:

Yeah, it's been much less painful than I expected. There needs to be more help for the 2D tools though, I'm still stuck on an issue with 2D collision detection.


2014-03-28 20:22:46

Congratulations! :D

BoMToons responds:



2014-03-28 23:41:35

Woop! Congrats, super excited for this to come out, make sure to keep the blog updated!

BoMToons responds:

Will do!


2014-04-01 15:45:13

Well, I was attempting to get caught up on things now that I am back. But kickstarter says my opportunity to update my info has expired! Maybe I can just paypal you instead.

BoMToons responds:

Oh man, you're on my list now Luis!