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Still here my friends!

Posted by BoMToons - December 9th, 2013

I am still alive...


1) Super Chibi Knight is now around #50-60 on Steam Greenlight. That means it will probably get the Greenlight with the next big batch of games.... fingers crossed. You can help it get there by voting "YES" here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=152710075

2) The mobile game I'm working on is looking better and better every day. Here's a piece of art from it for the main menu, I wish I could show you all the buttons and logo that go with it to fill in the empty spaces, but that's still secret at the moment:1405066_138662260181_postah.jpg

Here's some other art for it that I'm proud of. They are ice-dwarves who have learned to craft sturdy weapons from ice. They also love phat beats, so I'm coining the term "Dwarf-step" now before anyone else does :-D1405066_138662278332_charsheet.jpg 3) I'm working with Luis on a little game that we'll hopefully release this month. It has a 4-legged main character, vector-pixels, procedurally generated levels, lots of power ups, and a few twists. Here's a preview:


I have plenty to keep me busy, now I just need to see some of these things start paying back the amount of time I've been dumping in. I've been scraping by, and really enjoying myself, but could use some more financial security. I'm trying to find the right balance between working on stuff I enjoy and responsibly paying bills. Which of these projects is most interesting to you? What questions do you have? Leave me a note!  

Comments (8)

Booty armor huh

Gotta protect the goods!

Are you able to use vector graphics in the mobile game without any lag? Or do you have to make pngs?

There are some tools that will interpret vectors for Unity, but most devs convert to .png I think.

is luis using the trace bitmap thing to make his pixels vector?

I don't know his process.... it is mysterious. Maybe he will look at this and post an answer...

@Stix luis uses "pixel tools" plugin for flash pro

And a mouse...

Thanks, yes, I think you're right!

Will You be releasing flash demos on newgrounds for any of these games and when will portal defenders 2 be started? :)

The game with luis is all in Flash, so it will show up here on NG. Super Chibi Knight is for PC/Mac, but will probably have a flash demo. The mobile game will probably only be available on iOS and Android.

i see - hope to hear more about these soon :P

me 2!

dat update streak

update karma ++

wow very nice!

thanks friend-o!