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Super stuff to look at!

Posted by BoMToons - October 23rd, 2013

I haven't made much progress on Super Chibi Knight for the last couple weeks because of a side project mobile game I'm doing to earn some cash. The side project is turning out fabulously and really stretching my art skills to reach new levels.

I'm actually really enjoying just focusing on art, it's a nice break from my one-man-band usual. Unfortunately the side project is super hush hush at the moment so I can't show anything, but when it's closer to being done, you'll get to see what I'm talking about.

One thing I started doing that sounds so simple, but has helped step up my art game, is to start out with a larger default stage size. I've been doing 950x550. The game itself isn't at those dimensions, but the extra space has made me feel free to draw larger and with more flair and then, when I zoom in for details, everything turns out way better. I KNOW THIS SOUNDS LAME, but try it!

Ok, maybe I can sneak in one thing: http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/367adce75d060fc625d5526c61e37e98

Also, what do you guys think of having a "beast" in super chibi knight that is a MECHA?

Super stuff to look at!

Comments (7)

How'd you get that up to 60 fps?

I don't know... I didn't do anything special!

I like the mecha idea! Any chance of maybe sneaking an NG tank in there?

Hmm, maybe!

Is the game gonna be AS3 or an engine like Starling?

The mobile game is unity, super chibi knight will be a pc/mac standalone executeable.

I agree whit ZJ, it would be nice to see something like a Newgrounds easter egg.

NG tank vehicle would be pretty sweet... with a big missile it shoots.

So Chibi Knight's being made i AS3 with Adobe Air and runs at 60 frames per second.

Kind of...

Super Chibi Knight is being made in Adobe Air, (but not at 60 fps).

This other mobile game is being made in Unity and runs at 60 fps.

I hereby give the OK for a tank reference, could even by the NG tank turret on legs or something crazy if you want to get into multiple mechs! Knight could wear a tankman helmet and pop out the top.

Hooray! I think there should be a NG side quest in SCK, where you fight through a dungeon of NG-themed chars to ultimately earn the Tank "beast" ... I could also possibly unlock an armor set themed to the NG tank man... this could be really cool!

So is SCK(Super Chibi Knight, which souynbds like sock) gonna be a like... $10.00 game on steam? Well, it did say vote for it, so that answers my question. Welp, this has jived my turkey.

Yeah, probably like $6.99 or something.