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FlexiCade and Other News!

2013-03-14 15:06:01 by BoMToons

Me and my best bud from high school launched FlexiCade.com!

We are working on building our final prototype of a customizable arcade cabinet that supports 4 players, can be full size or table top, and can break down into a simple bundle that can fit in a car trunk for traveling. It can also run MAME, Flash, or consoles to round out the idea that it's "FLEXIBLE!"

We've already built 2 prototypes, one is the arcade cabinet we used to show off Abobo's Big Adventure at Comic Con for the last few years and the "Mark II" is a 4-player version of it.

The "Mark III" (the version we're currently working on) will hopefully work out all the last bugs of production so that we can offer these through a Kickstarter campaign at a reasonable price.

Sign up for the mailing list on the site to get notified when we launch the Kickstarter. Also do the social media thing and follow FlexiCade on Twitter and Facebook.

In other news: Rog, Pox, and I will be at FGS on March 24th in San Francisco. If you're going, make sure to stop us and give us high-fives.

While we're together I'd like to do our own "Let's Play" video commentary play-through of Abobo just to show people the thought processes that went into it.

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FlexiCade and Other News!


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2013-03-14 15:37:18

Including MAME and Flash support was wise choice, and I have thought about starting an arcade collection of my own.

BoMToons responds:

If not now, when?


2013-03-14 16:08:36

You know what might be a good idea?
Putting some flash games pre loaded due to easier licensing and junk.
Especially Abobo.
Hell if I had anything to show I'd be willing to put a game on there.

BoMToons responds:

Yeah, not a bad idea.


2013-03-14 17:32:19

The commentary definitely sounds like a cool idea, I think it would be interesting to hear about your thoughts and ideas as you go through the game.

BoMToons responds:

It's something we've been wanting to do for a while.


2013-03-14 21:41:05

An easy to dismantle arcade game, is worth it's weight in steak and ice cream :)
So, you can run emulators, Flash and consoles in the same box, at the same time?

(Updated ) BoMToons responds:

Yeah, it would run a PC or a Mac inside and also have connections for consoles if you so desired.