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I don't always make interesting updates, but when I do...

Posted by BoMToons - February 26th, 2013

Here's a generic update:

1. Follow my Twitter for more frequent nonsense posts.

2. I'm working on a kind of cool game with someone kind of famous! It will involve the Flash twitter API and have the voice of this guy you will probably recognize FROM MOVIES! Can you guess who it is?

3. I've been swimming, lifting weights, and eating low carb to try to get into better shape, been making pretty good progress, but still have about 15 lbs to go to be where I'd like to be.

4. Got a new DSLR camera that takes amazing photos/video. Check out the picture of the anodized aluminum Settlers of Catan pieces my buddy made below. I'm learning about photography terms and best practices. My 50mm prime f1.8 seems to be the shiznit at the moment. Part of the reason for getting the camera is to make a legit looking video for a Kickstarter (see 5 below).

5. Working on a new arcade cabinet prototype (in anticipation of a Kickstarter campaign) + designing a logo for the arcade thing + gotta make a website/devblog and set up the social mediaz for it.

6. I'll be attending FGS in March because Abobo is nominated for a Mochi award. I'll be taking a break from my low-carb diet on that day. I think Pox is coming out too so that will be a fun reunion!

7. Working on a revamped version of BoM Beat Battle with a new graphical more cartoony/fun style and lots of characters built in Unity for a mobile platform launch. It's going slowly, but surely.

8. I've got Chibi Knight 2 on the backburner. It's huge in scope to meet my vision for it so is extremely intimidating, but the small amount I've done so far looks and feels REALLY nice.

9. I was feeling a bit depressed about approaching my mid-30s and not having any significant work-related breakthroughs to show for it... maybe a bit related to the season, but I'm pulling out of it and feeling hopeful for the future. I have some ideas for games I think would be great on consoles and mobile, I just need to get the right mojo going with the right people to get them out to the world.

I don't always make interesting updates, but when I do...

Comments (9)

I didn't know there was a twitter api... Will the game revolve around that, or is it just for the sake of displaying tweets?

And, umm, Patrick Warburton.

It will mostly be for sending out tweets, but will have a kind of unique integration into the game.

I WISH it was PUTTY!

Settlers of Catan is a boss game

I'm addicted. It's so well balanced, fast moving, and has just enough strategy to offset the luck.

What did you wind up naming the cabinet?

I'll post the official name once we have the domain and social mediaz secured. Sorry to be over-paranoid but we would hate to lose the name we like after all this effort.

Yus I am coming to FGS.
That flash twitter API sounds like good times big fun mega happy funsies.

Settlers rules. Love it when people still trade with me when I have 9 victory points. YEAH YOU DO THAT, PEASANTS, YOU DO THAT.

Rog just said he's gonna try to make it too. I think we need to do a "Let's Play" of abobo while we're out there with our own audio commentary...

Oh also don't feel depressed you shit, you have a decent income and a beautiful family. I'll come kick your ass if you're still depressed in 3 weeks.

Yeah, I'm quite happy personally, but professionally I want to expand what I'm doing and try new things.



Come... on... fghwgads, said come on fghwgads!

the new style looks interesting, looking foward to trying the finished game.

It might be a while, but I'm liking how it's looking so far.

come ooonnnnn BREAKERCADE!

I can neither confirm nor deny...

OK, I can deny that the name is breakercade. Why do you like that so much? Do you like break dancing or what?

A yes chibi knight 2, it is intimidating, im trying to push out this quick (edit. not quick at all as it turns out) game as a means of getting my mojo back and wow seeing some art actually get published as a finished piece. So yeah its been a battle, a mid thirties battle I guess. Its good to see youre going places with the cabinets, you might single handedly keep that nostalgia alive. It's kind of mind blowing how some kids have never experienced the joy of playing on an arcade cabinet, i remember coming across that thought when i saw some kids playing castle crashers and calling it that big machine. I didnt heart to tell them it actually had a name and that back in the day these giant 'behemoths' were indeed built for a single game.

The cabinet thing may or may not get traction, but I'm stuck on the idea that there is some pocket of people out there that wish they had an affordable 4 player mame cabinet that doesn't require knowing anything to put together.

You also owe me something for that sleeptalkers collab...