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A bit of guidance for the player is nice, not necessarily holding their hands. I think quests that get the player moving around the map are good, like "deliver this package to the other kingdom" to let people know it exists. Or a world map. The latter is better if your game progression is open, especially if you emphasize how little the player has seen compared to what actually exists.

People would still approach new locations linearly, probably choosing the next closest one. Assassin's creed 3 gives you the main quest line like "hey, go to New York now" but there's a lot of free roaming as well if you want to get 100% sync. It also does a decent job of showing you how small the places you've visited are compared to what else is out there.

There is a world map that shows where you've been in the game currently. It's dark and lightens up where you've been.

Maybe I should indicate landmarks on the world map where missions exist?

That would be nice to have.

I LOVED it so far, i didn't see any problems except sometimes it would run a little slow for me with more objects on the screen like the overworld and this place you go to where you have to fight slimes and this pole throwing rat.

NICE! Did you feel like there wasn't enough direction up front on what to do?

Sometimes. I was running around kind've lost at times, a few things I knew what to do like the hornets and you find the nest but sometimes it isn't clear on where to go, like i ended up in places too high level and I didn't know where else to go was just experimenting and leveling up.

Ok, any thoughts on how I could reduce the "lost" feeling?

Being more specific with things like the quest with the lost boy going south but showing that in the quest, being able to select and click the quest in the menu to bring it up for more description on where to go would help.

Clear your cache and replay the demo, I put some destination points on the map to try to direct you more. :-)

Awesome! Will do.

It works! VERY helpful :)

Nice, glad to hear it!