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Always nice to see someone being fascinate by the power of programming. But be careful with the hype train. A good engineer chooses between frameworks not based on what they CAN do but on what they CAN'T. You know, you can do everything with every framework. The problem is if something pops up which a framework was not designed for, which happends all the time. Then you need hell a lot of time fixing these "flaws", basically circumventing the framework alltoghether which is never pretty and which distracts you from the big picture. At the beginning, everything seems smooth and easy but with time, that has always proven to be yet another utopia. Cheering for one platform being better than every other is and alway has been very dangerous in the long term. Same goes for patterns. Use them as a first guide, but then grow beyound.

Maybe I am already too long in the business. Getting grumpy. Things were easier back in 2000.

Good points! I'm still in the honeymoon phase with Angular, but haven't run into much it can't do yet, especially since it supports interactions with existing "well-proven" technologies like php and html and JavaScript. But time will tell!

Do you have anything specific to bring up about Angular, weakness-wise?

On an unrelated note, I'm wondering what happened to your pictures! Did you see them in the text editor before you made the post? Did they vanish as soon as the post was published, or did they vanish later on their own, or with an edit?

Weird! I just noticed this morning... it looked fine when I left it last night... I did delete the related image files from my comp... maybe before editing for the last time... but it still looked fine on my comp, but maybe I was reading cached images?

@TomFulp Yep, still cached on my laptop (where I originally made the uploads). Maybe, when you edit it tries to establish an upload again from the local version of the files?

@TomFulp I was able to grab the cached images and re-upload. On another note: When you're using the inline code function of the editor, it seems to delete hard returns immediately after the code block when you save, which makes the underneath text appear super close to the bottom of the code block.

@BoMToons That's alright. Stay optimistic. Had not so much to do with angular but with React. Sounded like finally a good framework. But to make it work, we also had to adapt Node.js, cubernetes and a new cloud infrastructure, as everybody hated JavaScript, we adopted jsx and TypeScript, went from class-oriented to function-oriented and then back again because even our best JavaScript programmer said, he could not read the code anymore, we had to integrate GraphQL and Apollo for our complex datastructure which did prove to be incompatible with our API versioning and was frankly never fully understood, forcing us to reimplement RESTful (which I despice), forcing us to reimplement all interfaces (which I was nontheless thankful for), then we needed yarn because npm could not handle our codebase anymore, then we added sass, had to incorporate a new documentation system, needed a flexible logging system across all technologies which did not exist at all, we also needed a new testing framework, our own custom caching framework (because the build-in caching was performing terrible), then we needed new IDEs, then came the Websockets..... you get the picture.

In the end, it was not just the one thing, we spent about six months just trying to do one page (yes, a page, not a site) behaving the same way as before but with this new tech. More pages followed the following months, but took us about two to three months each. Each page behaved slower than before (C# .NET), causing a debate if the whole effort shall be terminated completely.

To be honest, the whole thing could have gone way smoother if correctly evaluated, planned and lead. One of the main reasons, why I left the company.

That sounds like a huge mess! I think the point of Google redesigning Angular.js from the ground up was to deal with some of the inherent flaws of typical .js frameworks you're describing. Most of what you described (SaSS, classes, npm, etc.) comes pre-thought-out and fully supported in Angular. Also, I think it's wise to stick with some time-proven stuff for backend API and endpoints (ie: php). But, again, I'm no expert!

@BoMToons that image bug should be fixed now - it was introduced with some other recent updates. Noting the code block issue now too.

Thanks @TomFulp !!!

@Manderby I did some more poking around and found what looks, to me, like a pretty fair comparison of React and Angular: https://itnext.io/a-deep-signt-angular-6-vs-reactjs-co-8c856807d8bf

dropping in to say i made it to the bottom lol.
I've seen Angular (and Typescript) around and have been meaning to try them out. I've also been meaning to get more into fancy web dev shenanogans. Perhaps this'll be the thing that hooks me in

I kinda stumbled into Angular because of work, but I'm digging it so far. You should give it a shot, there are a lot of learning resources online for it!