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So many times, it happens too fast...you trade your passion for glory. Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past, you must fight just to keep them alive.

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Wow, what a ride! I'm glad all is seemingly going well. Its funny, you say you have an hour+ commute and honestly, how do you deal? One thing I've always thought about and been vehemently against is having a commute to a job that is far away. Like, we spend SO MUCH TIME IN CARS, and I find it just a waste of time. I know sometimes its just "part of it", but i dunno, its just a pill I could never and still cant swallow. Do you actually find it worth it? Or is it something you're just used to?

How long did it take your to pack up your own? Did you have to sell anything or donate stuff ?

hows the newborn though? Better I hope?

I totally agree on newgrounds being more intimate than facebook and twitter.

My boy is healthy and happy now (thank goodness!).

The commute isn't bad. I listen to podcasts and other audio content. I enjoy it actually and it gives me time to think. Think about how much time in a day we waste on social media or watching tv or playing video games. A couple hours on the road is a drop in the bucket.

That's beautiful man, I hope things work out for you! Hope someday we still get to work on that game together. Sounds like your life is in a great place right now :) keep on man! Congrats!

Fingers crossed!

That's awesome about your job, you must be really hard-working and also really good at your job if you were able to learn so much about programs you hadn't even used (much) before. I guess all that Newgrounds experience paid off. That TreeRing place also sounds awesome, what a cool place to work! Good luck, and I'm glad that despite so much stress, you came out better.

My education in computer science is anything but traditional, but hopefully I bring some stuff to the table you can't get in school.

That's a jam packed four months! Glad your family is doing well and kudos for the poise and hard work in proving yourself to your new workplace and probably even yourself. Sometimes stubbornness isn't such a bad thing. Sounds cliche but I think especially nowadays you just have to want it more than others.
Looking forward to catching back up later in the autumn. Cheers

Yeah, I had to do everything possible to get the job. My life was on the line and that tenacity I think played a big role in getting the job. I <3 you Luis, always remember that!

I'm happy to see things working out, you deserve everything good that is coming your way! It's been great to watch your journey over the years, with designing a portable arcade cabinet, becoming a teacher and making your own game on Steam. Thank you for sharing all that on your NG blog, it's the sort of thing I was hoping to see when we added them.

There are so many ups and downs in this age of rapid change but you've been adapting better than most people. TreeRing made a great choice bringing you aboard!

Thanks Tom, as usual, I give you props for recognizing my budding talents and encouraging it back in the day of experimenting in Flash. I owe a lot to you. Newgrounds 4-eva! True blue (orange?) thru and thru.

Really love hearing you succeed and overcome shiz. You deserve it completely, and your son is adorable.

Thank you, it's been a real roller-coaster.

So much events. I glad to see that you still unbound, unbroken. Still in positive mood.

I like your use of adjectives there. :-)

@BoMToons Glad to hear it!

I guess when you put it that way, commuting in a car isn't too bad then...