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So many times, it happens too fast...you trade your passion for glory. Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past, you must fight just to keep them alive.

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Comments (15)

That's awesome dude! Proud of you :) busy man! You've got so many talents. Grats! It's gotta be awesome to have a teacher who made a game and put in an arcade cabinet in the classroom of it. That's amazing. I loved that game. I can't wait for Castle Crashing the Beard again!!!

I do hope we get to work on that other game down the road. Working with you guys would be amazing. Good luck!

Thank you sir, hopefully we can work stuff out when things calm down a bit. :-)

So much awesome stuff in this post, I love that your students built a shrine to you, you deserve it! Can't wait to play the new CCB.

Thanks, Tom. I appreciate all your support. Much <3.

This was so much fun to read. :) So much awesome stuff going on. Hyped for the game. Inspired by the art. Hopeful about the future world too when there are schools that work/look/do things like that! :D Looking forward to seeing what other artistry; stuff late night winding brings forth!

Aw, thanks man, I appreciate the comments on my art too. I really try to teach/interact with my students the way I wished my teachers would have done for me. Stay tuned for my next update in... 3 months ><

You've been living an cool teacher's life it seems, and Castle Crashing the Beard was one of the best online games I've played. Super hyped.

Ha ha, "cool" and teacher's life don't often coincide, but I've been having fun, and appreciate the reliable paycheck... still, part of me yearns to be making games full time again!


I'll probably be off on vacation at the next update then. XD But staying tuned, indeed! And thanks for all the responses. Always interesting to read the story behind the artworks. That Big Bad Crow would definitely do well as a shirt too!

Hopefully it won't take me as long to do another update... I always leave stuff out when I have to make a GIANT summarizing post.

For sure. They do make for massive amounts of awesomeness in collective form like this though! ;)


Man I would have loved to have you as a teacher - I would have learned a lot more, that's for sure.

Getting these kids to 10,000 hours of Game Dev as fast as possible!

the art is nice the rest is most likey a lie no one built a shrine to you just because you think you are a big deal your not lol

Ha ha, you got me!

This is all pretty sweet dude, you're up to some sick stuff! Lookin forward to the next update, and the game!

Thank you!

Nice art and gifs!
We're gonna have a lot of competition if highschool students these days are already learning game dev.

Thanks Matt!

Yeah, just adding to an already glutted market right? ;-P

Awesome stuff as usual Bomtoons. Gotta love the fluid beared floaty face as usual. I didn't even know you were a teacher :O

Thank you sir! This is only my 2nd year teaching, so pretty recent news :-)

I 'misread' that toilet pic first.

Oh you!

I'm really impressed, teacher is really good job.
Do you have enough free time for new stuff?

Teaching is not a great paying job, but it is rewarding in many ways.

Ugh stop having a life and finish it already!

I knooooowwwww....

Heeey that Thank-Q! XD I should have been better at my word game there... nice one. Think I pondered saying 'pretty Qt' but that'd just be... why would I say that. Looking forward to whatever other artistry's on Q though!

Looked up Baphomet too. Interesting history! A demonic beast with unexpected ties...