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So many times, it happens too fast...you trade your passion for glory. Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past, you must fight just to keep them alive.

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NO wayyy!!!! You're remaking it? NICE! I love it when you and Luis team up. I'd love to see it when it's done! To be honest, I wish we could all team up to finish NG Zero Hour, if you guys want. I have almost 4 stages worth of assets from other artists already, so a lot of the art work is already done, but still quite a bit left. :)

I'm glad you enjoy Pixel Day, I'm thankful Tom is keeping this going, all because of this little idea I had, and it's an honor. I get emotional on Pixel Day because of that lol, it means a lot to see you all NG people to partake in this. I'd love to work with you and/or Luis someday.

You'll get to play it for sure! Just gotta finish it first!

Remind me about zero hour...

Thanks for getting pixel day going! If all our schedules align, we should def do something together!

Holy shit, the way the beard looks left and right to follow the player is smooth as fuck. I must play that.

Hee hee, it's the little things!

Your Remaking That Beard Game!? Can't Wait!

Me either!

Yes sir! Thank you! :D I'd love to! PS here's a refresher: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/664782 would be nice to start sometime this year or so, it's mostly a boss rush game with some platforming challenges.

PS: There's a secret level you've probably never played, and if you wanna know how to get there, it's worth it for the amazing boss fight my past team and I came up with, check it, official developer's walkthrough, my walkthrough of the level on video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTcG4R-0wwQ

Oh cool! I remember that now! You'd have to tap Luis and see what his availability is. I know I'm pretty strapped for time right now too.

Awesome news. :) Looking forward to the new and improved!


I'm in the middle of a creating a game inspired by your original.. that is a Boss Battle only. I look forward to playing this new version and as always enjoy your work!

It's a really fun genre! Nothing better than putting way too many phases and modes into an ultimate final boss.

Cool! I really want to make a new game too... :/ Hopefully I can come up with something soon!!! Good luck for your project with Luis! And I will download Deterministic Dungeon for my tablet later today! Watch out for my review! :D

You should do it! What's stopping you?

Thanks for downloading DD, leave a written review if you get a chance plz!

Awesomesauce! I used to play many of those boss-endurance games :D
I'll be waiting for the return of the BEARD.


I have a dream of working with you on something some day still.

Forgot to say on Pixel Day, really excited to play this!!!

Thanks Tom! And thanks for the retweet the other day too. I'm hoping I can get an html5 version of it working for NG.

Sure thing! When would you potentially be available you think? I'll ask him too.

Probably not until summer for me.

Sounds good to me, I'm prepared to wait till the end of the year even for you guys :) it would be an honor to work with you both. I'll PM Luis.

What is your specialty btw? Art, code, music, writing. other?

I'm the director/writer, but I'm also open to ideas too. I also made the flaming sword animations for the secret second level boss as well as that boss theme song. I already picked out most of the music that could be used for the game, I'm also good at finding/mixing sound FX. I'm an okay pixel artist I guess, I can do attacks and minor stuff, been a while though.

I have all the ideas for the game stages organized, and almost half of the game's art already done, but hey like I say I'm open to any creative ideas you guys have. :) My specialties are mainly sound, music, and writing.


Hey, I just had a game breaking bug on the Android version of Deterministic Dungeon: The Attack buttons below the enemies were shifted to the right and one was nearly out of the screen, I could spot it but wasn't able to touch it. Well hard to explain with my poor english. However I couldnt progress from there. :/ Hope this helps.

I've seen it, but not sure how to replicate, so haven't been able to fix it yet.

@Wiesi @BoMToons BoM Toons cool name! and great stuff this game was hard to play for me but the idea was really awesome so would you mind checking out my YT channel "Ultimate creator" I made 65 videos so far alot of different genres you might find something you enjoy there no doubt!2